Friday, June 20, 2014

New Name, New Chapter, New Beginning.

So much has happened so fast.
A month ago we decided that life in Las Vegas was not doing it for us anymore. I grew up in a town called Pahrump about an hour from here and honestly have so many amazing memories. For years we had talked about moving out of Las Vegas and Pahrump was always a good contender. It has the small town feel which is exactly what we decided we want for our family. We dream of being self sufficient. We want a home run by solar energy, a private well so we can grow our own food, raise our own meat, all those things. We had set a goal for the end of the year. As the days went on, though, I would read news headlines on my feed and be so unbelievably depressed by the stories I saw happening in my city that I didn't think I could wait until the end of the year.
We decided to get an estimate on our current home, we weren't expecting much to be honest but, surprising we were given an offer we couldn't turn down. So the race to find a new home was on. We got a realtor out in Pahrump and started pounding the pavement to find a house all while in the process of selling this one.
After a few weeks of discouraging issues, lender and credit problems, not finding a house the three of us could agree on or that was big enough for our family, you name it, it was thrown at us, we finally found an option that almost sounded too good to be true in my opinion. We went to take a look at a home that was 5 bedroom 3 bathrooms, perfect for our family, on 5 acres making it perfect for growing our own food as well as the boys having more land than they would know what to do with to run and play on. Honestly this was the first house the three of us agreed on without argument.
The reality hit us quickly, we went from a stand still to having a new house, in a day! We are still currently awaiting escrow to close on the new house so we can get keys and get moved in but we have such big plans for our new home that none of us can wait. I know it is going to take some adjusting to for all of us but I am so excited.
The reason I felt the need to share all of this is that I will be turning this blog from our green baby adventures into our journey to becoming self sustaining. I really hope you will follow our journey and if we manage to inspire at least one person then I will be happy!
Would you enjoy a self sustained lifestyle? If you have thought of or are taking the path we are what tips do you have for us?