Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This topic is one of my favorites.

For as long as I have been a mom I have always known I wanted to homeschool. Nevada has one of the highest drop out rates in the country and that doesn't sit well with me. With G, he has a huge drive to learn new things and is constantly asking questions about EVERYTHING! He knows that he will be schooled here at home and so far he hasn't shown any signs of being upset by that. My main goal with taking this path is that I want learning to be fun for him. I don't want it to be work and I want him to incorporate learning into his everyday routine. I want a trip to the grocery store to provoke questions and deep thought. A fun day at the park can also become a learning experience for him. These are what I want for him. I don't want school to be work or to be a chore. 

One of the biggest reasons behind our move was to live somewhere I felt safe enough to let the boys play and explore outside. G has an interest in reptiles and all animals really just like his momma and on our land there is plenty of potential for "herping" or for seeing any type of desert animal around here. We have sat on our front porch and watched a family of Quail run across the yard. We have seen rabbits prance through our trees. It's beautiful. This opens the door to a lot of nature study opportunities.

I think one of the toughest obstacles we have with wanting to homeschool is finding a secular curriculum we like. We are not a religious family and so many of the curriculum's we have found are Bible based. The reason for this I am assuming is that a big part of homeschooling families do so so that Bible/religion study will be incorporated in their learning. There is of course nothing wrong with that I just wish I could find one that didn't include religious overtones. 

Being able to teach G how he will learn the best is the most important thing to me. In a school setting often times kids get passed over because they aren't quick enough, or they end up bored because the pace at which they are being taught isn't on the same level as their learning pace. I don't want him to get frustrated and start hating to learn because of one of those things. 

Are you a homeschooling family? If so do you use a secular or religious curriculum? What tips would you give us, a first time homeschooling family?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Confession Time. (And a Quick Update)

Confession: I have to be the worlds most impatient person!

Seriously though. With all the work and money that had to go into this house we are left without our savings. The problem with this aside from the obvious, can't pay bills etc., is that building our homestead is now put on hold. I couldn't wait to get here on our own land with our big house and now that we are here I DON'T WANT to wait to get started on our dream. But I have to. 

Unfortunately money is needed to get this thing started and we are currently without. I may sound like I am whining, complaining, etc. and I kind of am but I am still beyond grateful to be here with my family. 

Confession/rant done. 

Whenever we leave the house Katie and I talk about how this whole thing is still so surreal and we don't think it has hit us yet that we live here. All around us are beautiful mountains and desert landscape. No huge buildings, cleaner air, horses and farm animals. It is all so amazing. If waking up still in awe isn't living the dream then I don't know what is! 

Every morning the boys wake up and want to play outside. TV time has dwindled considerably and really only happens in the middle of the day when it is far to hot to be outside. Honestly if we could stand the heat and would let him G would be outside ALL day long. He LOVES it and now that K is walking he follows brother around the yard and does what he does.

Appliances here are all electric, our dryer is gas so we have set up a clothes line and we line dry. At first, especially with how hot it gets here, I thought I was going to grow tired of it after the first day. We have been at it nearly two weeks now and I am still loving every bit of it. 
I have such an amazing view while I am hanging laundry that it is beyond relaxing for me.

I can't wait to pick back up homeschooling and to finally be able to incorporate farm/gardening into it!

I have also had the opportunity to use the property for photos! (EEEEEEEK!) 

I am going to keep this post short and sweet! Thank you for taking to time to read this and as always you can follow our journey on 



Monday, July 7, 2014

Settling In

I can still hardly grasp that this is the view from my front porch!

So trying to say that this move has been smooth and stress free would be an outright lie. The original cause of the stress, of course, would be moving to a new town. Having to pick your life up and move it from one city to another is not easy at all! To add to that stress, when we first got here the AC wasn't working. Now, it's June/July in Southern Nevada which means triple digit temperatures. It was well over 100 degrees our first night here and I can't sleep when I am hot. 

Our second morning here we discovered that we had NO cold water pressure. Talk about a nightmare! We had to deal with plumbing issues for about 5 days. All of the remaining money we had saved had to be used for it. As I said NIGHTMARE! 

I know all of this sounds like I am whining, but in reality it's the exact opposite. These issues that we have run into have, yes pushed us to our breaking point and we have shed quite a few tears wondering how we are going to make this all work but, the people we have met because of this make the whole thing almost completely worth it. I mean, when you think small town you probably think Mayberry, neighbors helping one another, things like that. These are exactly the things we have run into. I was driving through a parking lot here and an older mans car had broke down in the middle of the driving lane, instead of pulling up behind him and honking then whipping around him two men, one going the opposite direction stopped there cars and helped him push his into a spot. Just tonight we saw a very nice man buy a homeless woman food and drink. These man came and worked on our house and we didn't have to pay a dime for labor cost we just had to cover materials. I can almost guarantee that in Las Vegas had the situation been the same, where these men just showed up to our home to fix what needed fixed it would have all come out of our pocket and we would be so far in debt our children would feel it.

These instances are one reason we wanted to get out of the city, why we wanted small town/ country living

We have 5 acres of land. 5 ACRES. We can't even wrap our heads around what we are going to do with all this space. We are going to give homesteading a go though. A farm/garden are definitely the top of our list. There is an 8 car garage that will work very well as a workshop:

 As well as a smaller third building that will work fantastically as a photography studio for myself with a little work: 

This is definitely the start of a wonderful journey for us, one that our kids are excited for as well. I hope you will follow along and if you have any tips, pointers, advice or questions don't hesitate! I love hearing from you!

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