Thursday, September 26, 2013

Post Circumcision

We are coming up on the one week mark since Kayson's Circumcision.
He has healed well and has had an extremely great recovery. I expected a lot of crying and discomfort but he has seemed to be his same old self.
One HUGE downside to this experience is the fact that we can not cloth diaper for two weeks. I guess it isn't really a matter of CAN'T, more of a don't want to risk ruining our diapers because of the Vaseline that has to go on him.
After having used cloth his whole little life seeing him in 'sposies is so strange! I really don't think it is something I'd be able to get used to. Worse than that though, is the smell of the disposable diapers. Maybe I'm crazy but I definitely feel as though they have a smell and it isn't one I enjoy.
Does anyone else think disposables have a smell?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Controversial subjects

There are vast amounts of articles out there on the subject and
in all honesty I feel like no matter which view you take on it, you will find ample evidence to back you up.
I always TRY to approach things with a to each their own attitude. I also try very hard not to judge, but I am human. On this subject though I never looked to much into it. With Gage I was a young first time mom so I did a lot of things that some would deem "wrong". I didn't even know that not having him circumcised was really an option and even had I known it was an option, I'm not sure I would have not had it done.
I'm sure that many "green" or "crunchy" mommas out there are probably cringing at the fact that I admitted that. I gave up allowing myself to feel bad for decisions I have made as a mom though. There is no rule book or instruction manual, we all do the best we can and hope our children don't come out worse for the wear. (Does that even make sense?)
With Kayson, I did take the time to read into it a bit. I actually came across one blog from a mother who's first child was and the rest were not. This mother expressed her regret over her decision with her first born. She also expressed fear of that her first son would hate her for it.
 From my PERSONAL stand point, I didn't/don't want my boys to feel like one was given more or better of anything. I want them to feel as though they are equal in every way.  I didn't want the boys to be bathing together at some point, as brothers do, and for one of them to notice the difference. I didn't want them to question whether we loved one more than the other. While these may seem silly fears, children notice things and take things certain ways. Kayson was born with a slight issue with his penis, one that if not corrected could cause issue for him later in life. Therefore not having it done wasn't an option anyway. 
Circumcision was just one more thing that our boys would have the same. I will NOT fear one of them feeling less loved than the other. I will NOT have regrets.
Because of the issues he had we had to wait until he was four months old to have it done. He had to be put to sleep and given anesthesia. As moms we were of course terrified but his doctors and nurses were so amazing. After the surgery yesterday his doctor told us that it was a little bit worse than they had originally been able to see with out the operation. Luckily everything was fixed and he is fine. He has had some slight fussiness but hasn't seemed to bothered by the whole experience. He has been just as happy as ever and is still that same smiley boy he was before. I am glad that now we can put this behind us and not stress or worry about it anymore.
I feel like this post bounced around a lot and may not make much sense. Katie and I are both exhausted after spending 6 hours in the hospital yesterday so you'll have to forgive my scattered thinking.