Monday, June 10, 2013

Post #1

Hello all!
I suppose I should take this first post as a chance to introduce myself and my family!

This is my fiancé, our three year old and myself when she was pregnant with our second son. He is finally here and will be a month old in a week! How time flies, but I guess as moms we know that all to well right?
So this blog will detail our adventures in the world of cloth diapering. With our first son we just went the "normal" route. Disposable everything! Also with our first, whom I carried, I was unable to breast feed which was quite hard on me. With baby number two we are trying the cloth route as well as taking some more "granola", as I like to call it, approaches to motherhood. Fortunately my partner is producing plenty of milk and having no issues breast feeding. We aren't even having to supplement with formula. Whew!
Luckily our three year old is almost fully potty trained so we are really only having to deal with diapers on one.
We are very fortunate to have a friend who has been cloth diapering and strictly breastfeeding her now 6 month old to give us advice and even loan us some of her cloth diapers for us to try out. At first we were going to go the Gdiaper route and start by using the disposable inserts, so only partial cloth diapering. We quickly learned we weren't to fond of them which really bummed me out. We have now been strictly cloth diapering for three days and can honestly say that we are loving it! I don't know what I was so afraid of!
So, to recap, we started out wanting to go partial cloth just using disposable inserts. Ended up not liking that at all and have now become huge fans and supporters of full cloth diapering. So far so good right?
This friend of mine also using cloth wipes so we are now going to venture into that new territory. I am looking forward to it. Once I fix my sewing machine I am going to make a ton of wipes and get the things needed for the wipe solution. Is it normal to get this excited about diapers and wipes?
Once I have my things in order I will be using this blog space to post all about our "granola adventures"! I hope you will follow along on our journey!

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