Thursday, September 26, 2013

Post Circumcision

We are coming up on the one week mark since Kayson's Circumcision.
He has healed well and has had an extremely great recovery. I expected a lot of crying and discomfort but he has seemed to be his same old self.
One HUGE downside to this experience is the fact that we can not cloth diaper for two weeks. I guess it isn't really a matter of CAN'T, more of a don't want to risk ruining our diapers because of the Vaseline that has to go on him.
After having used cloth his whole little life seeing him in 'sposies is so strange! I really don't think it is something I'd be able to get used to. Worse than that though, is the smell of the disposable diapers. Maybe I'm crazy but I definitely feel as though they have a smell and it isn't one I enjoy.
Does anyone else think disposables have a smell?

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