Monday, July 14, 2014

Confession Time. (And a Quick Update)

Confession: I have to be the worlds most impatient person!

Seriously though. With all the work and money that had to go into this house we are left without our savings. The problem with this aside from the obvious, can't pay bills etc., is that building our homestead is now put on hold. I couldn't wait to get here on our own land with our big house and now that we are here I DON'T WANT to wait to get started on our dream. But I have to. 

Unfortunately money is needed to get this thing started and we are currently without. I may sound like I am whining, complaining, etc. and I kind of am but I am still beyond grateful to be here with my family. 

Confession/rant done. 

Whenever we leave the house Katie and I talk about how this whole thing is still so surreal and we don't think it has hit us yet that we live here. All around us are beautiful mountains and desert landscape. No huge buildings, cleaner air, horses and farm animals. It is all so amazing. If waking up still in awe isn't living the dream then I don't know what is! 

Every morning the boys wake up and want to play outside. TV time has dwindled considerably and really only happens in the middle of the day when it is far to hot to be outside. Honestly if we could stand the heat and would let him G would be outside ALL day long. He LOVES it and now that K is walking he follows brother around the yard and does what he does.

Appliances here are all electric, our dryer is gas so we have set up a clothes line and we line dry. At first, especially with how hot it gets here, I thought I was going to grow tired of it after the first day. We have been at it nearly two weeks now and I am still loving every bit of it. 
I have such an amazing view while I am hanging laundry that it is beyond relaxing for me.

I can't wait to pick back up homeschooling and to finally be able to incorporate farm/gardening into it!

I have also had the opportunity to use the property for photos! (EEEEEEEK!) 

I am going to keep this post short and sweet! Thank you for taking to time to read this and as always you can follow our journey on 



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