Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fun new match up and home made laundry soap!

Going green with baby is pairing up with Domestic Dingbat for an awesome dual family "granola" Facebook partnership!
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We aren't entirely sure on what direction we plan on taking our page but tune in for the adventures that will unfold!
Now, home made laundry soap!
I am sure we have all seen those fun little recipes being passed around on Facebook. I myself have shared quite a few of them. One I came across recently was for some home made laundry "sauce". I will link the recipe below for you to check out on your own.
What caught my attention right away was that the post boasts 128 loads of laundry for the cost of $1.76 once it is broken down. Who wouldn't want to try it at that cost?
 So these are the ingredients needed plus water. Amazing right? Four ingredients and not one of them is overly expensive! The Fels-Naptha was $0.79 and then the Washing Soda and Borax were roughly $4.00 each. Honestly not bad at all.

 I was highly skeptical as I was following the instructions and started realizing a few things. First this soap is literally the consistency of mayonnaise and two you place it directly in the drum of your washing machine, we have a front loader.
I put my skepticism aside, though and set to making it. I was worried about doing something wrong of course especially after reading about errors that the creator had come across. It could end up to gritty, it could be to runny, if stored improperly it could combust! So many could happens! Now I won't lie and tell you that the recipe was an easy one because it was definitely not, but so far we are liking the outcome.
For our first wash with the new soap we wanted to put it to the ultimate test. We took a bunch of towels that had been used to clean up various dog "messes" as well as a few others that Big Brother had left sitting around that had begun to smell. Placed the load in the drum and added the soap right on top of the clothes like directed and added an extra rinse cycle, just in case. (Big Brother and I have sensitive skin and he has been prone to breaking out with certain soaps.)
After the towels had finished washing and drying it was time to judge the result. Our towels no longer smelled like they had cleaned up dog messes. The didn't smell particularly like anything really. There was no perfume-y fragrance either they just smelled...clean. We have of course continued to use the soap on our laundry, excluding Baby K's of course. If you are looking to try to make a detergent of your own and don't mind the strange consistency of this one I'd say give it a try.

Keep an eye out for when we try out a recipe for DIY cloth diaper detergent!
As promised here is the link to the blog with the recipe:
Hope you found this useful and I hope you will follow us daily on our Facebook page. Also don't forget to check out Honey Badger Babies adventure over at Domestic Dingbat!

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